Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Quiet day in Orlando

After the exertions of the last couple of days, we took it easy today. We had brunch at Denny's around mid-day and spent the afternoon at the Florida and Festival Bay Malls since we had some presents to buy. It was sunny and windy but pleasantly warm (72F) and not a cloud in the sky.

We headed to Downtown Orlando around 6 o'clock because Margaret wanted to take some photos of the city skyline at dusk but we got held up in a huge traffic jam (caused by a car accident) and arrived too late to see the Sun go down. But we still got a few nice photos of some well-lit buildings.

It is Valentine's Day so we ate at a nice restaurant in Downtown and had a walk around the city centre before returning to our hotel around 10pm.

America remains in the grip of severe weather. Although Florida has been OK (a little colder than normal maybe but nothing very unusual for this time of the year), the rest of the country has been in deep-freeze.

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