Friday, February 16, 2007

Last day

We got up at 9am to finish packing and went for breakfast at Denny's. Our flight back to the UK was due to leave at 2.30pm and we planned to check-in at Sanford Airport around mid-day. But Denny's was very busy and we were late checking out of the hotel (11.15am) and then we got caught up in a huge traffic jam on the I4 due to an accident involving several cars. We eventually arrived at the check-in at 12.45pm - only to be told that the flight had been cancelled until tomorrow morning. Our crew had been grounded in a north American airport due to the severe weather that was still affecting most of the United States.

The travel company were good, arranging transport to a local hotel where we are to stay tonight and fly out tomorrow morning. But we waited ages for transport to the hotel, eventually arriving there at 5.30pm.

I tried to hire a car to go back to Cape Canaveral to see the launch of the satellite but there wasn't a single car to be had from any of the hire companies at the airport. So we finished up watching the take-off on a TV in our hotel room.

Our room is fine and we had a nice dinner. We have a very early rise tomorrow morning at get a flight out of Florida at 7.30am.

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