Monday, February 12, 2007

Heading to the Everglades

We headed off early for the Everglades. We decided to go the direct route via Interstate 4 and Highways 27 and 29. We stopped for brunch at the Swamp Cabbage Cafe in LaBelle, about 200 miles south of Orlando.

We arrived in Everglades City at 3pm and booked a room for the night in the Everglades Motel. It wasn't particularly cheap ($100 for the night) but it was clean and well equipped. In spite of its name, Everglades City is no more than small town so you're not spoiled for choice.

We didn't hang about the motel and went for a boat ride around the Everglades, which took 90 minutes and was a bit bland since the boat was too big to go into any of the narrow water-ways. It wasn't helped by the weather, which had turned cold and overcast. But we did spot a few dolphins.

We had dinner at the Seafood Depot, which is a lovely wooden log-cabin restaurant about ½ mile from our motel. The food was great. We had a drink after dinner and met up with an English couple ("Kev" and "Tel") who were both in the mid-sixties - and drank like fish. He drank brandy like it was water and the girl serving the drink kept refilling his glass. I thought that she was just being friendly - until she presented him with a $73 bill.

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