Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Everglades and Naples

Margaret rose early to take some pictures of the water in early morning. I didn't even hear her get out of bed.

We were both up and out by 9am. The first thing we did was arrange an airboat ride. There are literally dozens of places to book a ride; we choose Speedy Johnson's - and he lived up to his name. The guy bombed through the rivers and swamps. The ride takes about an hour and because the boat is literally blown through the water, it can go through incredibly shallow water-ways.

The "captain" of the boat told us that there were lots of alligators in the canal that runs alongside Highway 41 (the main road from Naples to Miami) so that's were we headed next. Highway 41 is some road - long and straight and hot as hell on a warm day like today. We headed towards Miami for about 40 miles and then headed back towards Naples and stopped off at a couple of viewing places to look at the alligators. They were everywhere!

A few miles before Everglades City we stopped off at Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe for breakfast/lunch. This place has character! The walls were covered with photographs of semi-naked women. Even the toilet had character (and more photos).

Around 3pm we left the cafe and continued on Highway 41 towards Naples, arriving there about 4 o'clock. Naples is some town. Absolutely beautiful - and very affluent. We went down to the beach and walked along the pier, where we saw a fabulous sunset.

Naples is a beautiful town - and the residents want to keep it that way...

We began the journey back to Orlando at 7pm, eventually arriving home about mid-night. We've had a wonderful couple of days.

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