Saturday, February 10, 2007

Donna Summer

We didn't sleep well. Around 5am we were disturbed by our neighbours who decided to shout at each other for three hours. They weren't fighting - just "talking" - very loudly. The guy made Barry White sound subdued and the women laughed like a hyena.

There was a Celtic match on today so I went hunting for an Irish pub to watch the game. I found one about a half mile from our hotel. It felt strange to be watching a football match at 10am in the morning. The place was a bit of a dive and you had to pay ten bucks to watch the game and the game itself was pretty poor - but at least we won.

We decided to visit an affluent suburb of Orlando called Winter Park. If last night (at Dixie Stampede) was Hicksville then this place was pure middle class America. Beautiful houses, lovely parks, fancy shops and expensive schools.

We did a tour of the lake; the boat sailed past some seriously expensive houses on the lakeside.

Every Saturday evening, Universal Studios organises a Mardis Gras, which is a colourful procession through the streets of Universal Studios culminating in a concert. Tonight's gig was Donna Summer.

We had a bit of a dilemma, choosing between watching the parade or getting a good position for the concert.

We decided to miss most of the parade and get a good position to watch the gig.

Her set was a bit odd - it was short and omitted some of her most famous songs, including Love to Love You. At one point her husband came on and sang one of his own (instantly forgettable) songs.

But it was warm, I was drunk(ish), we were on holiday, and Donna played some of her hits including I feel love. It was wonderful.

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